Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Soap Box #1001

For those of you who know me well, you would probably agree that I'm pretty easy going and easy to get along with. (If you don't think so, just pretend for a moment.)

HOWEVER, you don't want to get on my bad side, hit list, or soap box. Well, congratulate Marriott because they've been promoted to #1 on my hit list.

They have frustrated me to no end. Seriously.

When Michael started working for Biolase over three years ago, he signed up with the Marriot rewards program because he knew there would be several occasions where he would need hotel accomodations. SOMEHOW, during this process his name was entered incorrectly. And we have been trying ever since to have the spelling corrected.

Every piece of mail from them has his name as "MichEal Roony". No joke.

His emails are addressed to "Mr. Roony".

He can't log onto his Marriott account because of the mis spellings.

And EVERY time we make a reservation, they can't find his account because the name on his credit card on file doesn't match the name on his account.

And EVERY stinkin' time we check in to a dang Marriott hotel, they politely notify us that his name isn't spelled correctly in their system. NO JOKE.

And as anal as I am, don't you think I've tried nothing short of 1001 times to have it changed to the correct spelling? And EVERY time the Marriott employee will say they've fixed it.

Until the next time we make a reservation, or receive mail, or an email and 'lo and's addressed to freakin' MichEal Roony.

So I called the Marriott 1-800 number yesterday and asked to speak to a supervisor. Everyone knows if you want anything accomplished on an 800 number you really need to go through the supervisor. I have you know that stinkin' little snob WOULD NOT let me speak to her supervisor because she THINKS she fixed his name. Seriously. At this point, you have to laugh.

Someone out there in blogland MUST have connections to an employee of Marriott. I'm thinkin' I should offer a reward to the employee who could actually fix this problem. Let me know if you have any connections.

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