Monday, June 29, 2009


My goodness, I don't know what's gotten into me but I've been cooking all weekend. Friday night and Saturday morning I made homemade cinnamon rolls. They were melt in your mouth good. (I say this not in vain, because it was NOT my receipe. I just followed it).

Then Sunday, I made new receipes for Brisket, Mashed Potatoes (with what I now call the "secret" ingredient), homemade corn dish , and cheese rolls. YUM. YUM. YUM.

Today, my niece and nephew arrived from Houston. They're staying with us the rest of the week. And, not wanting to break my new cycle, I decided to make them homemade chocolate chip cookies. I make cookies in the oven all the time. But usually I cook the frozen ones in my freezer that I buy EVERY year from the kids' fund raiser. But NOT today. Luckily, I had a spare package of chocolate chips.

They were very yummy. The kids loved 'em. And Mason said, "Mom...these taste different."
I said, "A good different? Or a bad different?"
He said, "WWWAAAYYY good different."
I said, "That's because they're homemade."
And he replied, "You should make 'em like that more often! Everything you make homemade is better!"
Thank you. (I think. Now I'm gettin' myself into trouble. I should probably stop this whole Martha Stewart cooking trip I'm on)
Now go make your fam some homemade cookies!!
2 1/4 cup flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
1 cup softened butter (the real stuff, PLEASE)
3/4 cup sugar
3/4 cup brown sugar
1 tsp vanilla
2 eggs
package of semi-sweet chocolate chips.
Bake @ 375* for about 12 minutes

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Show Us Where You Live ...Master Bedroom

This week, Kelly is featuring Master Bedrooms in her "Show Us Where You Live" series. Welcome to my room...
Actually, this is the small hallway leading to the Master.

And here's the view from the door way.

Here's the view from the bay window. The closed door on the right is Michael's closet.
The open doors leading to the bathroom and to my closet.
My favorite thing in our closets are the built ins!

This sitting area has been many things. Once there was just an oversized chair. Then a baby bed. Then a treadmill (to help get rid of baby fat). Another baby bed. And now a desk to which I use almost daily when I'm on the computer. The windows open up to the back yard and I love the view of the pool from here (which, according to Kelly you'll see next week)!

These pieces, along with most of the decor, came from Hobby Lobby.

Some of you may notice that Ethan isn't in any of these pics. Kate is two here, so obviously
I'm behind with the family pics.

I love to get great decorating ideas, so leave a comment
with your site if you love your "nest".
Thanks for visiting. Here is a link back to Kelly.
Have a super weekend!!

Please Pray for the Medlocks

For those of you who know Kyle and Terri Medlock, I am asking you to pray tonight for their family. Terri lost her brother, Mike, this evening in a motorcycle accident.

He leaves behind a wife, a son (age 22) and a daughter (age 14). As you can imagine, this was a total and complete shock to everyone.

Again, we covet your prayers on behalf of this family.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Hump" Day

Well, we're half way through the week. For those of you who didn't know, Mason is away at camp this week. I know he's having a great time! I have friends who went as counselors and their cell phone accompanied them. (Praise Jesus). It is the STRANGEST feeling not to talk to your child for an ENTIRE week (well, actually five days).

And although I miss my son, I am soooooooooooo looking forward to having him home so I don't have to deal with Kate anymore. She's been crying off and on today because she misses him so much and just wants him to be back home. I guess it's the opposite of "home sick."

The sad part, however, is that he's been invited to a sleep over Friday night. So, even though he's coming home from camp, he'll be gone another evening. This will not go over well with the princess. Not looking forward to that.

But we're all looking forward to Mason coming home! I LOVE to see their face for the first time when they get off the bus! There's NOTHING like your child's beaming face when they see you for the first time in a week!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Tender Moment to Remember...

Dear Ethan,

Tonight I went to get you ready for bed.I put your pj's on. Turned on your music. Gave you a hug....and tonight when you squeezed didn't let go.

So neither did I.

I just stood and held you. You snuggled up and started humming softly.

So as we stood there rocking back and forth, I prayed over you.
I prayed that you would come to know your Savior at an early age,
so that you will have many, many years to fall more in love with Him.
I prayed that you'll become a young boy, and then a young man
with godly character and wisdom.
I prayed that you will use your talents and gifts to honor the Lord
and that you will have a heart that longs to see the lost saved.
I prayed that you would have a long and healthy life.
And I prayed for your future wife and family.
I asked that your Daddy and I would teach you and lead by example.
I am so thankful for our marriage and prayed that God will bless you with the same.
I didn't ask that you would have tons of friends, but that you would have
quality, godly friendships that last a lifetime.
I know that you will have trials, but I prayed and fully believe that
God will give you perseverance.
He will not give you more than you can bare.
Our trials make us stronger and more dependent on Him.
And I prayed that you and your siblings would always remain close.
That you will be each other's best friend and confidant.
And then I was reminded that God loves you even more than I do.
I WANT what is best for you.
But only HE KNOWS what the best is.
Follow Him, my love.
Follow Him.
And then I looked down, and saw that you were sleeping. So I put you in the bed, and when I looked down at your sweet face, you were if you heard and agreed with every word I just said.

Father's Day Weekend

Our clan came home late Friday evening from our week of travels. It was soooo good to be back in my OWN bed.
Saturday evening, we had Grabbie & B, and Granda & Granddad over for a Father's Day cookout. Everyone started out in the pool. But I was in the kitchen, so I don't have any pool pics. However, I'm sure you'll see plenty of those throughout the summer. HA!
After Ethan finished "swimming" Grabbie brought him in and left him without any clothes on. (Kinda cute...but something I rarely do)
Anywho...Ethan wanted to share his goldfish with Rockie...and I couldn't resist getting a few snaps!

Since then, I've realized that Ethan likes to share food with our four legged family member EVERY chance he gets.
Ethan also has an obsession with drum sticks. Wood ones. Plastic ones. Doesn't matter.
He finds them entertaining. Apparently, they are also good weapons (he's the youngest, ya know)!
After steak and shrimp, we had Granddad open his gift while we were waiting for the homemade ice cream to finish.
He was impressed with his gift bag...curious george! :) Hee Hee!

Ash and I gave him a new iPhone.

And a decent pic with all four grandkids.
I know one thing for sure, this man loves his grandchildren.
And they love him.
As do I. Happy Father's Day, Daddy!!
Michael open gifts too, but not great pics to share.
He got more clothes from Buckle (gotta love that store!).
And a funny ha ha gift...a new set of drill bits and other tools that
I don't know the name of.
This was humerous because I broke...lets just say...more than one...while we
were re-doing our cabinets.
Hopefully I have been redeemed!
Here is my "baby daddy" with his favorite little girl...

Wish these two looked more alike....HA!

Da' boys...minus one (who is cranky).
Ethan was crying in EVERY picture. He went to bed.

Happy Father's Day, Michael.
My life has been blessed since the day we met. I am honored to be your wife.
And double honored to share our children with you.
There is NOTHING that makes me fall more in love with you
than seeing you with our kids.
They adore you...and so do I.
I am constantly amazed at how God's love is shown through you.
I love and admire you.
You are our leader, provider, and joy giver.
Thank you, my love.
And I feel I owe a special 'thank you' to the man who has
bestowed much character, wisdom, guidance, and spiritul growth
to you...
Kyle Medlock.
A man who I admire and appreciate.
You have given so much of yourself to so many.
Our family is blessed because of you and Terri.
Your blessings cannot be fully known until eternity.
I pray God's blessings on you and your family.
Happy Father's Day, Kyle!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pictures from Oklahoma

We spent a few days in Oklahoma, so here is a ton of pics....
One day for lunch we headed to this Harley Davidson store and Diner on the famous Route 66. For those of you from HPU...this totally reminded Michael and I of the Ol' Classic Car Diner!

It was a late lunch, so the kids were just excited to finally get some food!

Kate LOVED the little juke box. They had them at each table.

Notice that the food came in a "old timey car" box. They kids LOVED it!

This is Ethan falling asleep...but he's still eating, too!
Still eating...eyes wide shut!

Officially out!
Here in the diner they are sportin' a Harley Davidson ceiling fan.
I'd never seen one of these before.

Inside the store there were probably over 100 different bikes.

The kids really wanted to buy Ethan this Harley outfit. But the price was almost as much as a bike, so I declined!
The "Piston Cup" trophy.
Later that evening, we decided that we needed to get the kids out of the hotel room. So we grabbed a pizza at the famous "Savistano's".
I AM NOT exaggerating when I tell you people that the pizza was almost two inches thick!
We got one large cheese pizza and our entire family only
ate half of it! No lie!
We grabbed us some sweet tea at CFA and headed to a local park.

This was E's first time to eat pizza like a "big boy". Little bites just weren't cuttin' it!

The kids were so happy to spend some time outside, tickled just to run around.

This park was absolutely beautiful!
Ethan was content just to walk along the trail.
Mason wanted to roll down the hill.

The kids took a picture of me and Michael. I don't know if I like it better in color or b&w.
What do you think?

Did I mention this park was beautiful? ....especially as the sun started going down.

When we finally headed home, full tummies and hot & sweaty. The big kids headed for the pool. So Ethan snuggled up with me to watch a show.