Saturday, June 13, 2009

No More Fairytale...

This whole "fairytale" blog is driving me crazy. I'm not good at pretending to be someone I'm not. Guess I'm more of a "what you see is what you get" type of person.

I explained all this to Michael and he completely understood. So, we're back to using our names. I've promised to be a little more discrete when it comes to some of the details, etc.

Anywho, hope everyone is having a great weekend. We spent some time in the pool. I think it reached 100* today! YIKES. I guess summer is here. HA!

And now it's time for my most recent soap box: I've been working on a special project this weekend and in doing so I was using some tools/embellishments/etc. that I purchased from Recollections. And it was another reminder to me that they don't exist anymore. WHICH STINKS!!

Now, y'all know I'm all for digital scrapbooking. But when it comes to the real thing, Recollections just had it ALL.

And now, thanks to the big coorporations, they've caused all the little "mom and pop" scrapbook stores to go out of business. And then, after holding 99% of the scrapbook market for SEVERAL years, they made the decision to close. SHAME ON THEM.

Now we don't even have a scrapbook store. Not in Mansfield. Not in Arlington. This STINKS.
If I had more time on my hands I would open one. But since I'll have kiddos in this house for the next 17 years, that dream will have to get put on hold. Praise Jesus that Toi showed me what was up in the digital world! Guess I'll just have to stick to it!

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