Thursday, June 25, 2009

Show Us Where You Live ...Master Bedroom

This week, Kelly is featuring Master Bedrooms in her "Show Us Where You Live" series. Welcome to my room...
Actually, this is the small hallway leading to the Master.

And here's the view from the door way.

Here's the view from the bay window. The closed door on the right is Michael's closet.
The open doors leading to the bathroom and to my closet.
My favorite thing in our closets are the built ins!

This sitting area has been many things. Once there was just an oversized chair. Then a baby bed. Then a treadmill (to help get rid of baby fat). Another baby bed. And now a desk to which I use almost daily when I'm on the computer. The windows open up to the back yard and I love the view of the pool from here (which, according to Kelly you'll see next week)!

These pieces, along with most of the decor, came from Hobby Lobby.

Some of you may notice that Ethan isn't in any of these pics. Kate is two here, so obviously
I'm behind with the family pics.

I love to get great decorating ideas, so leave a comment
with your site if you love your "nest".
Thanks for visiting. Here is a link back to Kelly.
Have a super weekend!!


  1. I love your bedroom!! It is so pretty!!! Love the colors and I love your bed!! All the decor is so pretty!

  2. great window by the desk area!

  3. beautiful room! Great windows, and I love the fabrics you chose.

  4. Love your bedroom! All the decor and your bedding!!
    p.s. very cute pic of your kiddos at the top ;)

  5. OH WOW I LOVE your room, it is just so beautiful!! Your windows are awesome! Thank you for sharing.

  6. LOVE IT!!! So beautiful. So clean too ;o)