Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pictures from Oklahoma

We spent a few days in Oklahoma, so here is a ton of pics....
One day for lunch we headed to this Harley Davidson store and Diner on the famous Route 66. For those of you from HPU...this totally reminded Michael and I of the Ol' Classic Car Diner!

It was a late lunch, so the kids were just excited to finally get some food!

Kate LOVED the little juke box. They had them at each table.

Notice that the food came in a "old timey car" box. They kids LOVED it!

This is Ethan falling asleep...but he's still eating, too!
Still eating...eyes wide shut!

Officially out!
Here in the diner they are sportin' a Harley Davidson ceiling fan.
I'd never seen one of these before.

Inside the store there were probably over 100 different bikes.

The kids really wanted to buy Ethan this Harley outfit. But the price was almost as much as a bike, so I declined!
The "Piston Cup" trophy.
Later that evening, we decided that we needed to get the kids out of the hotel room. So we grabbed a pizza at the famous "Savistano's".
I AM NOT exaggerating when I tell you people that the pizza was almost two inches thick!
We got one large cheese pizza and our entire family only
ate half of it! No lie!
We grabbed us some sweet tea at CFA and headed to a local park.

This was E's first time to eat pizza like a "big boy". Little bites just weren't cuttin' it!

The kids were so happy to spend some time outside, tickled just to run around.

This park was absolutely beautiful!
Ethan was content just to walk along the trail.
Mason wanted to roll down the hill.

The kids took a picture of me and Michael. I don't know if I like it better in color or b&w.
What do you think?

Did I mention this park was beautiful? ....especially as the sun started going down.

When we finally headed home, full tummies and hot & sweaty. The big kids headed for the pool. So Ethan snuggled up with me to watch a show.

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  1. great park pics!! I love the one of ethan walking along the path and my fav of MJ & you was the color.....the new camera is fantastic! Oh and btw, the ones of E falling asleep at the table are!!!!!! That will be a precius scrapbook page, FO SHO! :)