Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Weekend

Our clan came home late Friday evening from our week of travels. It was soooo good to be back in my OWN bed.
Saturday evening, we had Grabbie & B, and Granda & Granddad over for a Father's Day cookout. Everyone started out in the pool. But I was in the kitchen, so I don't have any pool pics. However, I'm sure you'll see plenty of those throughout the summer. HA!
After Ethan finished "swimming" Grabbie brought him in and left him without any clothes on. (Kinda cute...but something I rarely do)
Anywho...Ethan wanted to share his goldfish with Rockie...and I couldn't resist getting a few snaps!

Since then, I've realized that Ethan likes to share food with our four legged family member EVERY chance he gets.
Ethan also has an obsession with drum sticks. Wood ones. Plastic ones. Doesn't matter.
He finds them entertaining. Apparently, they are also good weapons (he's the youngest, ya know)!
After steak and shrimp, we had Granddad open his gift while we were waiting for the homemade ice cream to finish.
He was impressed with his gift bag...curious george! :) Hee Hee!

Ash and I gave him a new iPhone.

And a decent pic with all four grandkids.
I know one thing for sure, this man loves his grandchildren.
And they love him.
As do I. Happy Father's Day, Daddy!!
Michael open gifts too, but not great pics to share.
He got more clothes from Buckle (gotta love that store!).
And a funny ha ha gift...a new set of drill bits and other tools that
I don't know the name of.
This was humerous because I broke...lets just say...more than one...while we
were re-doing our cabinets.
Hopefully I have been redeemed!
Here is my "baby daddy" with his favorite little girl...

Wish these two looked more alike....HA!

Da' boys...minus one (who is cranky).
Ethan was crying in EVERY picture. He went to bed.

Happy Father's Day, Michael.
My life has been blessed since the day we met. I am honored to be your wife.
And double honored to share our children with you.
There is NOTHING that makes me fall more in love with you
than seeing you with our kids.
They adore you...and so do I.
I am constantly amazed at how God's love is shown through you.
I love and admire you.
You are our leader, provider, and joy giver.
Thank you, my love.
And I feel I owe a special 'thank you' to the man who has
bestowed much character, wisdom, guidance, and spiritul growth
to you...
Kyle Medlock.
A man who I admire and appreciate.
You have given so much of yourself to so many.
Our family is blessed because of you and Terri.
Your blessings cannot be fully known until eternity.
I pray God's blessings on you and your family.
Happy Father's Day, Kyle!!

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