Tuesday, June 2, 2009


This post is mainly for all of our family. I've received messages/text/emails from several trying to inquire about my "king". So here is the scoop in a post it note form.

He's been very ill since last Thursday. Instead of getting better he was getting progressively worse. On Monday night he noticed some "lumps" that started forming on his head. They appeared to be possible fluid, were extrememly painful and he said they were causing a lot of pressure.

We went to a doctor last night. He was given a shot as a short time fix to help him sleep. He had a decent night rest but woke up in even worse shape this morning.

We were put in contact with a friend/business partner of my father who is an ER doctor. After speaking with him on the phone he insisted that we get MJ to the hospital immediately. He had already spoken with his staff and when we arrived we were taken back immediately.

Long story short, they worked quickly and efficiently. The doctor was GREATLY concerned that he had meningitis. Unfortunately, they had to perform a lumbar puncture (a.k.a spinal tap) to drain fluid. After waiting several hours for the tests, everything came back negative for meningitis (Thank you, Jesus!) It has been ruled that he has an acute viral infection that caused some of the limph nodes in his head to swell.

He's on several meds that are keeping him a bit loopy but without pain. He is so happy to be able to sleep pain free. I've been given strict instructions from the doc to keep him medicated every four hours for the next day or two to insure a good speedy recovery.

The king is in his own bed, at his own castle, resting. Thank you all for your prayers. OH - and a HUGE thank you to my friends, Jada (her daughter, Ashley), and Angie. They completely helped me with the kids today while we were at the hospital. I DON'T HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT I WOULD DO WITHOUT THE TWO OF YOU! Your help was PRICELESS!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

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