Thursday, June 11, 2009

Terriffic Thursday

It's an awesome day to be at home.

It's dark and stormy outside. The thunderstorms started last night and haven't let up yet. Normally that would send my nerves into a little panic mode. Don't like storms. Especially when my man isn't home. I think it's that whole control issue....

These storms have been loud. And very colorful. Tons of bright lightening. (Infact, the newscaster said earlier that we've had over 3100, someone please tell me how they know that. I'm amazed that technology can now COUNT each INDIVIDUAL lightening strike. Wow.)

I made the kids breakfast. The oldest requested a shrimp omlet. This was made possible b/c we actually had left over shrimp from a few nights ago. The others had homemade biscuits and eggs.

It is now almost one o'clock and we're still in pajamas. WHOHOOO!

Each child is taking turns on the computer. And since the satelite is out, we're watching a movie. I've gotten to catch up on High School Musical 3! (That's something to get excited about. No, not really.) But I'm hanging out with my kids on a rainy day. And I'm super thankful that God has blessed us so I can be home with them.

I must catch up on laundry today because we're planning a week long trip next week. I'm sure I'll have some great pics to post. Until then...

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