Monday, August 31, 2009

Ethan and Eggs

When Ethan was around 12 months, we noticed VERY quickly that he had an allergic reaction to eggs. None of my other children have ANY food allergies, so this was quite a surprise, but it was also very alarming. If he ate eggs, his skin around his lips would quickly turn red & splotchy and then it would spread to the rest of his face. He would have to give him Benedryl to get it under control. (And yes, I know...they don't recommend giving babies Benedryl...but when they're having an allergic reaction, it's okay to give them a VERY small dose. And yes, this has been varified by the pediatrician.)

Since then, we've seen other reactions just depending on what and where we are.
This summer while we were at the baseball field, he was walking
in some freshly cut grass and started having a reaction, same red color
and it got really hot to touch.

Well, after meeting Kelly and Harper in June, I learned that babies can
be tested for allergies through a blood test.

We recently had a doctor appointment to take his blood for the test.
It only took a few days to get the results. And they really surprised us!
Eggs were NOT listed.
But cat hair, fish, shell fish, and white oak were listed.
I just didn't understand why eggs didn't come up.
That's the one thing we were CERTAIN he was allergic to.
Well, what do we know???
The pediatrician suggested that maybe has was allergic to it when
he was younger, but maybe he had grown out of it already.
So, this morning I made eggs for Mason and Kate and decided to
give 'em a try with Ethan.



Not only did he LOVE 'em, but he DID NOT have a reaction.
So, I'm curious if any of you have children with food related allergies?

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  1. So allergies around here. Our youngest does have very sensitive skin though. The slightest change in ANYTHING will break her out (nothing too bad just very uncomfy for her.)