Wednesday, July 1, 2009

WARNING...Don't Bake During a Crisis

As I mentioned in my last post, we have our niece and nephew with us this week. This morning, Kailey (who is 3) woke up with some sort of stomach virus. Not necessarily fun, but manageable.

Anywho, because of her sickness, we didn't want to take Kailey to church. So I stayed home with her and Ethan. After Michael and the other kids left for church, my mother came over for a little while. I was telling her how the kids were aggrivated becasue they didn't have any more cookies. She, then, ran to Walgreens across the street to buy some chocolate chips. (However, when she returned she had M&M's...)

While she was gone, I received a phone call from one of the elders in our church. He explained that they were having an emergency situation with Connor and they were trying to find me or Michael. Michael was at church, but not answering his cell. He proceeded to tell me that while Connor was playing on the playground, he came in contact with a wasp nest and had been "attacked". I told him where Michael would be. Within seconds, Michael was located. He called me a few minutes later letting me know they were headed home. And he warned me...that what I would see wasn't going to be pretty.

With everyone on their way home, I decided that I should make the M&M cookies. Connor LOVES M&M's and I thought he could use some extra TLC. I started getting all the stuff out....beginning the same reciepe I posted on Monday.

Then they walked in the door. He looked AWFUL. He sustained at least TWELVE wasp stings. Two were on his face. They were on his arms. Legs. Connor was red and swollen all over.

My mom was tending to Connor. I was listening to Michael tell about what happened WHILE I was throwing together cookies.

Finally put the cookies in the oven. The kids were running around everywhere (except the patient) and kept asking when they could have dessert. My mom sampled the dough (the best part according to her) and comments that it's really salty. Weird. They werent' salty the other day. I pulled out the measurment I used for the salt. One teaspoon. That was right.

Went to check on the cookies, and there inside the over were very colorful round blobs. I don't know what in the sam hill I put in those dang cookies. Maybe too much (salted) butter. Maybe not enough flour. I do not know. I honestly couldn't remember what I put in there.

The moral of the story...don't bake during a crisis. Especially if your son has been stung twelve times.

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