Monday, July 13, 2009

I Think I'm Loosing My Mind....

I'm not sure WHAT I was thinking when I signed up for two photography classes that overlap for two weeks. YIKES. All I wanted, was to learn how to use this...

...on something other than "AUTO". The instructors and classes are INCREDIBLE. But while I was out taking pictures tonight I realized that I couldn't remember what pictures I needed for what class. All of the criteria got so mixed up in my pea sized brain that I was ready to scream!! (Of course, maybe the tendency to scream had more to do with my four children at dinner...who knows.)

Anywho, don't be surprised if I don't post much this week. We're traveling with Michael and then later this's my annual scrapbook retreat. Amen.

I CANNOT believe that it's almost mid-July already! I'm excited that my much loved scrappin' time is here...but a little sad too. The retreat is followed by our VBS...then a mini family reunion...then a little get a way at The Cliffs...then school. Holy Nuts.

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