Thursday, July 9, 2009

Show Us Where You Live

This week Kelly is hosting Show Us Where You Live - foryers/Entry Ways.
When you walk up to this front door...'ll enter to this...

If you look up, you'll see this...

And looking down from the stairs....

To your left is our home office (Michael is working..."hello, honey!")

To the right is our formal dinning room.

The table in the foryer has one of my favorite pictures!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wish you had time for a piece of this...

...maybe next time! :)


  1. I love your entryway. I adore those little nooks in the wall and I really like your plant shelf up above! GOrgeous!

  2. Beautiful!! Very pretty and nicely decorated!!

  3. Love it!!!!! And wish I had time for the dessert too!

  4. Your home is beautiful!! I love your crosses!

  5. Beautiful home!, I love the niche!!

  6. I stopped by from Kelly's blog and had to comment because not only do we have the same name but our first borns have the same name as well. ;)

  7. ummm.....Mrs. Rooney, why wasn't I offered a piece of that when I was at your house yesterday????? That looks delicious!

  8. We had already eaten all of it! HA (Too many guests, I suppose!)