Friday, July 31, 2009

AGD Contest/Give Away

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I'm taking some photography classes right now. Angie Seaman is an AMAZING photographer who has a unique artistic style, which I adore. When she offered her first class, I didn't waste anytime hopping on board. To say that I've learned a lot, is simply an understatement!!

Angie is having a contest/give away today. We are supposed to post pictures of somewhere in our hometown showing an "AGD" sign. So, welcome to Mansfield, Angie!! You'll be visiting my church....Crossroads Christian....

I encourage you to hop over to see her blog (just click on her name above). Angie would love for you to participate in the contest as well!

Just take a picture of something/someone in your home town with a sign
that says something like "AGD was here".
Post the picture in your blog, then link it to her's.
If you do so, leave me a comment!
This could be a lot of fun!!

We had VBS this week, so we've been living up here. But it was a great week, and if you saw the post from yesterday, you know that God blessed our family in the BEST way possible!! I thought I'd share a "few" pics from this week. VBS this year was "Son Rock Kids Camp" so we decorated with all types of animals that you might find while camping out in the wilderness!!

The kids brought various items through out the week to stock our "Helping Hands" ministry.

(Does this look like Michael Jr. or what???)


  1. Makes me want to take photography classes again. It's been too long. Looks like VBS is awesome for the kids. What fun!

  2. Oh I love the AGD photo girl! That just ROCKS! Thank you so much for participating in the give-a-way. It means so much to me. Also, so glad you have enjoyed the photography class. I'm thrilled! I am off to start answering your last few questions in a bit. Thanks for everything girl! Make sure you always keep in touch!
    Hugs, Angie