Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Three Things About Me

Todays blog hop is to tell three things about yourself. So, although some of these were mentioned yesterday, this is what is on my mind:

1) I am currently enrolled in TWO photography classes and LOVING every minute of it! (Although I'm goin' a little crazy, too!)

2) After traveling to Rogers, AR (Bentonville...HI Kelly!) last month, I find myself asking my husband quite freqently if we can move there. There is beautiful scenery. And I really took notice of the slower pace of life there.

3) The last week of July is VBS at our church. I am the director over Elementary for the second year. We will probably have over 1000 children in attendance. It is a HUGE task...but sooo incredibly rewarding!

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  1. hopping by from the blog hop...

    i love the title of your blog :)

    wishing i had an eye for photography...

  2. I love photography but haven't taken a class since high school (16 years ago)! Just got me a canon rebel and am hooked. I should follow you and take a class or two! How cool about VBS! Wonderful that so many kids would attend. Awesome. Enjoyed your post for the blog hop today! :o)

  3. WOO HOO! Your VBS sounds amazing!
    Good luck with the photog class. I would love to take one someday.