Friday, September 11, 2009


Angie has resumed "Foto Find Friday" today.
The theme this week is hats.
(Have I mentioned lately how much I just love this girl?
And her photography art is second to none.
Go see for yourself!!)
I don't have many pictures with hats, so there was little to choose from.
But, I found this picture of Kate from quite a while back
and she was playing dress up
in Granda's hat and my sunglasses.


Then, don't you know, she had to try it all out on Daddy.


No, he doesn't know this is on here.
And Yes, he will so want to kill me if/when he sees it!!

And here's a picture of Mason wearing a hat
he made out of some snappy toy things.
(Clearly, I don't know the appropriate name).
Oh well, lucky for me it's Friday!!


Hope you all have a great weekend with your families!
And don't forget to visit my sister, Ashley, also known as Grabbie
for a chance to win a free blog facelift!
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  1. Love, Love, Love that picture of Michael - shows his true colors! hahahahahahaha

  2. Those are great pictures! Love them.

  3. How fun! Love the hats, very creative of Mason to make his own!!!

  4. Those snappy things are called Zoobs and that crown takes time to make. He did a great job! We have those in our preschool worship and our students love it.