Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blog Makeover, Anyone?

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Today Ethan had his first day of Pre School!!
Ladies, that means that this momma of FOUR was
without child/children for FIVE hours.
Give Him Praise!!
I went and spent some quality time
with a girl friend of mine
that I haven't seen in quite a while.
She's going through a divorce,
so please pray for her sweet family.
We throughly enjoyed a 2 hour long pedicure!!
We were the only two there for most
of it was quite enjoyable!!
Tomorrow is Friday and I'm so thankful.
It's hard to believe that this was a "short" week.
This is the third week for the kids to be in school
and I think the "newness" is wearing off.
Everyone is still doing great.
It's just hard to make sure everyone gets enough rest.
I had all four of them in the bed by 7:45 tonight
and I'm certain I will have trouble
waking them in the morning.
Last night was our first Wednesday night service since
starting back to school.
I LOVE Wednesday nights at Crossroads!!
And I do everything I can to be there each week.
But getting the kids used to being up late on Wednesday
nights is always a HUGE challenge.
So, we're all a little (or lot) cranky and tired tonight.
Praise Jesus, tomorrow is Friday!!

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  1. How fun for you. How wonderful to have a pedicure with a friend. My girl started Pre-K this Wednesday and I have a 6 months old, so I'm not seeing pedicures in my near future. I'm not seeing being sans kids in my near future either :o) Good think I love them so much!