Friday, September 11, 2009


Wow! I cannot believe it's been eight years since
the attacks on America.
I remember the day very, very clearly.
I was pregnant with our second son
and a baby shower had been planned for that evening.
Michael had gone to work.
And I had taken Mason up to preschool.
We both heard the news on the radio.
After dropping Mason off, I went up to the High School
were I taught the previous year.
I'd promised the ladies in the office that
I would stop by to see everyone.
When I got there they had a small tv on.
...and that's when I SAW it.
The words they used on the radio could
not describe the horror.
Michael called and wanted me to meet him
at our house.
I went ...quickly. I remember praying.
For the victims. The families. Firemen. Policemen.
The President. Our safety.
That's the first time I can ever remember
weeping over the state of our nation.
The state of the world.
Satan is real. Evil is real.
But God is bigger.
And He has already won the battle.
But, just because we believe in Him, we are not sheltered
from pain and heartache.
But we do have someone to turn to.
When you cannot trust the future,
trust the ONE who holds the future in His hands.


  1. You nit the nail on the head. Satan is real. Evil is real. BUT GOD IS BIGGER. What a sad day to remember, but the healing is great.