Thursday, January 14, 2010

It’s Time to Tell My Story….

I don’t know why I’ve put this off for so long, but today I feel urged to share. So, here goes…

During my difficult pregnancy with Ethan, I developed MAJOR problems with my heart/blood pressure.  It’s something they never got under control, hence the reason for his early arrival.  The doctors were certain that after the pregnancy would body would return to “normal”.  They were wrong.

For two years I’ve been battling with the same health issues.  The doctors still couldn’t get it under control.  I was tired of going to specialists. It seemed they just wanted to write another prescription. They take forever to get into.  They’re expensive and they seem to want to run EVERY test ever invented, even if it doesn’t really pertain to your systems.  The N.P. with my cardiologist (I was knock off his “need to see personally list) tried to suggest that I was depressed and/or having anxiety attacks.  That’s a nice way to explain why I had episodes that seemed like heart attacks in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT.  I guess maybe I was depressed/anxious in my dreams. WHATEVER.

I started working out about 4-5 times a week over a year ago.  I thought I would get healthier and loose weight.  I dropped about 15 pounds, but knew I still had another 20 or so to go.  The work outs helped with the blood pressure some, but not enough.  I was still about 145/95. It’s been a constant battle.

Back in October after a conversation was a new friend, she suggested her doctor.  He was a D.O. and helped a variety of health issues she was struggling with.  He was local and covered by my insurance, and she INSISTED that he would find a way to help me.  So, I figured I had nothing to loose.

After my first visit, he found a medicine that brought my blood pressure down within the normal range.  I was SOOO excited!  It hadn’t been that low in 2 1/2 years!!! He also helped me with a weight loss plan.

Between the month of Thanksgiving to Christmas, I lost about 25 pounds.  For me, the HCG weight loss program was IT!!  I dropped two sizes in my clothes, I have about triple the energy, and as of today I am no longer taking any prescriptions to regulate my blood pressure.  To God be the Glory!!

And here’s what I’ve found most interesting:  Yes, I was excited about loosing the weight and it’s definitely something I wanted.  But what I didn’t expect were the life changes.  If you’ve been a faithful reader you may need to sit down for this….I no longer drink CFA sweet tea.  Nor Dr. Pepper.  I like Diet Coke, and I’ve NEVER liked diet drinks in my life!  A good snack to me is now apples with peanut butter! YUM!  Peanut butter is actually one of my new BFF’s!  Before the diet, our peanut butter would actually expire before we ate it. I’ve also found that I’m getting addicted to Sushi!!

And here’s my point in all of this…..with the new year there are many people trying to diet or loose weight.  And I want to encourage you!!!  KEEP GOING!!  IT’S SOOO WORTH IT IN THE END!!!

I don’t know what the right diet or weight loss program is for every person.  I just know what worked for me.  But I do know that you have to get determined.  If you don’t like what you see in the mirror (especially when your clothes are off) then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!  NOW!!

I forgot what it felt like to be comfortable in your own skin, and that feeling is priceless.

I CANNOT believe I’m doing this, but they say that “the proof’s in the puddin”. Here’s a picture from this summer and one from this week….DSC_1453 DSC_7655e


  1. Praise the Lord! I'm so glad that you feel so well! And you look pretty hot too!

  2. You look amazing! What an inspiring story!!! Congrats to you!!

    OH...and while I'm had asked about how to link your blog to Facebook. I can't remember exactly how I did it (it was a while ago)...BUT, I do remember it has something to do with the "notes" section. You can put your blog link in there or something....hope this helps!