Saturday, May 30, 2009

Stay at Home Day!

It's Saturday and I've enjoyed spending the day at home! Hubs is home from a week of traveling, the kiddos are almost out of school, all is well with the world.

I've been on the computer most of the day. First, I had to re-do the blog. Then I dived into some scrapbookin'!

This first layout is something I RARELY do....put only one picture on an entire page. I don't know if it will actually end up in a book or not. But with the cute smile I couldn't pass it up and there really wasn't anything else to go, why not?

This next page is from pictures of this time last year. And the Royal Fatty wasn't so "fat" yet. He was just learning to stick out his tongue and that's all he wanted to do.

And this last one is actually a two page spread. Not one of my favorites, but it will do. I used a new multi photo template I bought, and I think the pictures are too small, but since it was animals from the zoo they aren't hard to make out. Like I said, it will do.
I'm going to see if I can complete another page before I shut it down for the evening.

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