Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Longest Catch Up EVER


I cannot believe it's been over 6 weeks since my last post. That's ridiculous! But it really goes along the whole feel of my summer. I had a lot of great ideas - but not many of them panned out. For starters, Michael's company threw us for a whirl wind and re-assigned him to four states (rather than just North Texas and OK). That meant he spent MUCH of the summer traveling just trying to get his new territory under control. He's still traveling quite a bit, and we're hoping things will begin to slow down VERY soon!!

We've been so busy around here that I feel like my head is spinning in a million and one directions!!! The weekend before school started, Michael and I photographed a wedding. It was for a very dear family, one of whom we love very much. The father of the bride was actually our college minister and was the minister for our wedding 13 years ago. His daughter, Amy, was 8 years old when we first met Kyle and Terri and it just blows my mind that she's married now!!! Her wedding was in Fredericksburg and we were so blessed to be a part of it! It was also a great time for us professionally speaking. This was the first "official" event that Michael accompanied me as the "second" shooter. And I LOVED it!! I was so pleased with how well we work together! He is so much better at distance shots and I love the close ups. So, this could really be the beginning of something great for us. I never really anticipated in going down the wedding photography route, however, the more I shoot the more I find that I really enjoy it!! It definitely keeps me on my toes! And about 5 minutes before the ceremony begins I think I'm gonna get sick. But without warning, the ceremony starts and then I find myself in the mode.

I think I love weddings because I love
being in love and being loved in return. I know what Michael and I share and how good it feels. So, capturing love on a wedding day is pure enjoyment! It's hard work too! I still surprises me how COMPLETELY exhausted I am following the wedding. And I feel like it takes about a week to recover! And just for fun, here's a sneak peak at one of my favorite images!!

You can't see their faces in this one, but I think it really shows "Amy and Aaron". There will be other pictures to share later, but for now, I'm still trying to go through the over 2500 shots we took.

As well as being busy with business, I someone managed to get myself into a pickle. Last year apparently there was a day where I was suffering from the "I can't say no disease" and agreed to be the treasurer for our PTA this year. I know. I have NO idea what I was thinking. It's a bit more overwhelming than I expected. However, I have made some wonderful new friendships that I am very grateful for. I enjoy the job itself, but keeping up with my photography business, Michael's expenses, and another side job I have makes for a very busy Momma. I can already see that this year will have to be about discipline.

And I would like to beg each of you to pray for a special friend. Her name is Tiffany and she left today to spend the next four months at MD Anderson in Houston to fight a battle with cancer. Unfortunately, she had a mis-diagnosis two years ago. What the doctors thought was herniated disk was actually a tumor. And as you can imagine, after two years of going undected she will have a battle waging against her. HOWEVER, God is in complete control and with every part of my being I know that He is going to accomplish great and mighty things through Tiffany. Please join me in praying for her daily!!

Hope all of you are doing well. Let me hear from you and especially if I can be praying for you! Hopefully I'll get back into a regular routine of updating again, but I make no promises.

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