Sunday, April 18, 2010

I’m BAAAACK…Barbados #2

My computer genius husband returned home last night and today he managed to clear my laptop of the virus. HE ROCKS!! So, I’ve returned to post some more pictures from our trip. The first are just a few random photos. The remainder are photos that I took on a photography tour. I had the incredible privilege of shooting one day with Ronnie Carrington. He’s extremely talented and he really “pushed me out of my box.” I can’t wait to work with him again on our next trip! 0020 0021 0022 0023 0024 0025 0026 0027 0028 0029 0030 0031 0033 0034 0035 0036 0037 0038


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  1. Really amazing pictures! Love the one of the colorful pots.